1. S

    Looking for DJ's to volunteer their time for our UK based online radio station.

    Were looking for DJ's/ presenters to broadcast on our NEW online radio station! You must have broadcasting software Own a Mic - good quality sounding Have your own music Enthusiasm towards what we do! Were based in the UK, but that doesn't mean you have to be! Friendly, warm people that...
  2. carlrich

    Seeking Like Minded Individuals

    Hello All, I am searching for like minded individuals to come aboard and develop this project with me. The project is Rock Nation Radio. What is Rock Nation Radio you may ask, well Rock Nation Radio is more than just a radio station it's a coming together of people regardless of gender...
  3. Dan Butler

    Seeking Creative Individuals

    Power Zone Radio is looking for creative and entertaining individuals to fill slots on our station. No experience is required but suitable broadcast software is as we do not provide the software. You must have your own music collection. Scheduling is flexible. Whether you want to do one or...
  4. djjamminm86

    Anyone offering paid DJ spots full-time?

    I am looking to work full-time on a radio station and get paid for my time, I will work mon-fri and weekends for paid spots, I want a career with this online radio, I have 9+yrs. experience!!!!!!!! I do this for the love of music as well, but we all need to make a living as well, I am 29 yrs...
  5. P

    Soul Music radio stations

    So sad to see one of the longest running soul music stations finally close down this week. Ministry of Soul Radio, run by the legendary club operator abandoned its DAB outlets and has just been online since, but thats now gone too - they say its to prepare for new projects this year. So who...
  6. F

    Fresh Radio Are Looking For Presenters!

    Fresh Radio Leicester is The Leicester's Hit Music Station with a promise of playing more music than any other radio station. We are exclusively on the internet and on mobile apps too. We are looking to take on VOLUNTARY radio DJs who have a thirst for music and a passion for radio to host...
  7. J

    Need a Co-Host

    Hi, I present 5 shows a week at 8-9pm gmt on shine radio. And would like a co-host. You need skype and a good sense of humour. Also need to have lots of grit and determination. Hope to here from some of you. Contact me on - Josh
  8. BullsEye Radio

    Classic Country DJ Wanted

    Anyone who likes Old Classic Country ( Johnny Cash - Hank Williams - Loretta Lynn - Tammy Wynette etc etc etc ) and is interested in doing a Sunday early evening show 6 to 9 EST Please contact me for more details . ( )
  9. BERadio

    Oldies, 70's & 80's DJ Wanted

    How do you become a DJ with BullsEye Radio ? Currently Bullseye Radio is seeking on air talent to fill in shifts, to help us to go live 24 hours a day - 7 days a week . The times available are on our calendar. There are many time slots available. Here at BullsEye Radio we are a legally...
  10. Hot 21 Radio

    Looking for a hip-hop and r&b dj or host - Hot 21 Radio

    Hi, I'm the owner of Hot 21 Radio, an online hip-hop and r&b radio station. We're looking for a dj or host to present a weekly show on our radio. * If you are a dj you have to record every week a one hour show with hip-hop and r&b hits and send us by e-mail. Or you can present your show in...
  11. Vince MotownVinnie Smith

    Variety Talk Show For Syndication

    Vinnie And The Alien is my 2 hour variety talk show where my co-host and I goof on bizarre stories, make fun of current events and generally make you laugh out loud. We even throw in a few tunes here and there. We are looking to add internet and terrestrial stations to our growing list of...
  12. D.I. Aspinwall

    87.9 The Mix is looking for you!

    Do you have a passion for music? Want to get some valuable experience in radio and radio production? How about just having a little fun? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is for you! Your show can by absolutely anything you want (except for conservative talk. Not even a joke)...
  13. Pat Barrett

    Classic Rock Weekly Radio Show

    We offer a weekly one hour classic rock radio station with an album rock format. Listen to shows at Email
  14. DJ Alec B

    Shine Radio is Looking for DJs/Presenters

    Shine Radio is an Online 24 Hour radio playing non stop music! Shine Radio is for Teenagers and Adults but anyone can tune in. We are currently looking for a Breakfast Show Presenter (ideally Monday - Friday 7am - 10am GMT). We also other slots so if you want to join our team why not get...
  15. N

    New online radio station in the uk !

    Bran new online station called northern radio ! we've just started building ourselfs up from the ground, have a look today ! we're a station that's based in Blackpool and covers all the uk and beyound.
  16. H

    Listen Links

    Hello, I am currently building an online radio website and would like to incorporate listening options, such as; iTunes, windows media, etc. How do I get my IceCast stream to open up in these different players. Many Thanks Hannah
  17. djultra

    radio presenters

    hi all urban8 is a brand new internet radio station. and were currently looking for volunteer presenters to come and join us,and help make this station alot bigger. if you are interested please feel free to inbox or if you got facebook please add me up and inbox me...
  18. StephenBailey

    Enthusiastic young radio presenter looking for opportunities.

    Hello there, my name's Stephen Bailey and I'm an enthusiastic young aspiring radio presenter from rural East Dorset. Currently I am seventeen-years-old and present a Saturday breakfast show on a local Bournemouth community station. I wanted to take this opportunity to upload my latest...
  19. Exact FM

    EXACT FM | Exactly Where YOU Want To BE! - NOW HIRING !

    We are looking for CREATIVE, enthusiastic individuals interested in hosting live / pre-recorded shows and documentaries to get in contact with us. Content genres range in scope from debate/discussion to explorative documentaries, and much more! (Open to YOUR suggestions.) We are ALSO looking...
  20. D.I. Aspinwall

    87.9 The Mix is looking for On-Air Personalities!

    Do you have a passion for music? Want to get some valuable experience in radio and radio production? How about just having a little fun? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is for you! Your show can by absolutely anything you want (except for conservative talk. Not even a joke)...