1. T

    Radio Show Looking For Stations

    My name is Treubig (true-big) and I do a talk show! I primary do comedy but other more serious topics get thrown in once in a while. I am releasing my shows for anyone who wants to broadcast them. I have made a page on my website where you can find all the resources you need to broadcast and/or...
  2. D

    DJ drops, station drops, jingles and more (VO service)

    Hi there, I'm Dave from the Netherlands, I'm a dutch radio DJ and voice over. Make audio productions for people and stations all over the world! My VO service goes via Fiverr. Do you search drops or jingles for your radio station or program or anything else? Check my service...
  3. U

    New Show... Feedback Please?

    Hey, We have a new Show on our University Radio Website, and we would love some feedback. Here was our first show. **Please bare in mind we came and freestyled this first show and also never been in a radio studio.** Constructive feedback would be appreciated. Please support us on...
  4. Mirage

    Would You like to join us @ RAMFM 80s

    We are looking for like minded Dj's to join the RamFm Family, with a love for the 80s music. Yes we do have listeners with an active online chat room and a core following via a Facebook group with over 12,000 members. History of which as been streaming 24/7 for the past 5 years playing...
  5. N

    Star Radio looking for CHR/HOT AC presenters or Dj's

    Your Star Radio ( is looking for DJ's and presenters to present our shows. We currently are looking for Weekday presenters to present between 9am - 7pm (GMT) and weekends at any time. We play CHR Music so are looking for people experienced or just starting out to play very...

    Cheshunt Radio - Seeking New Presenters

    Volunteer Radio Presenters Cheshunt Radio currently has vacancies for Online Radio Presenters with or without experience in Broadcasting to join our presenter team. Cheshunt Radio is committed to providing quality radio shows to our listening audience. So we are looking for individuals with...
  7. B

    looking for Reliable DJs

    Hey all Im currently waiting to go live with my station. im going to be aiming at a local market here in cork city. but would still like to pick up experienced DJs to go live. my station is going to be aimed locally at cork city first. im also going to be looking for people with confidence to...
  8. B

    Questions on services to run a radio station

    Hi all, This post isn't really related to the website, but hopefully it's ok for me to post this here. To introduce myself, I'm 17 years old and was born blind, so use VoiceOver on my Mac. I've been into radio for a while and so has a friend of mine, who is also blind, and we recently set up a...
  9. Radio RFR Fréquence Rétro

    Radio Rfr Fréquence Rétro la nouvelle génération d'animateurs en directs

    Bonjour, Je vous présente notre station, une radio associative française. Nous diffusons de la variété rétro des années 70 et 80. Nos émissions sont toutes produites en directs avec l'interaction des auditeurs sur le tchat. A très vite
  10. J

    What type of music is this radio station playing?

    Hi, Came across a Radio Station online recently and it plays the most bizarre chill out music I've heard, it seems to be a real mixed of different genres some good dance music on there as well like Ibiza Stuff. The voiceovers seem to be English so not sure...
  11. MasterzRadio

    Masterz Radio: Looking for DJs

    Hello there, Masterz Radio is now looking for DJs to come onboard and start building their shows. If anyone is interested, please contact me at Please include your skype ID in the email so I can add you and get things moving. Must haves -- a Headset with MIC...
  12. M

    Creative Radio for Collaboration

    Hello everyone am the founder of a new magazine called Creative Monday (Over 43.000 followers on social media), our mission is to promote creativity and creative people. ( We're looking to start a collaboration with an online radio to promote each other! If anyone is...
  13. pastordre

    GiveAway of 15 DJ Drops

    Hello to all the DJ's out there. I would like to give away 15 professionally mixed Holy Ghost DJ Drops. With sayings like - Who's that on the ones and two - Yo DJ turn the track up - You are listening to dj - preach preacha - Holy Ghost DJ All you have to do is reply to this message and it...
  14. pastordre

    Royalty Free Christian Music

    Hello everyone, I am launching an online radio station and I wanted to know if anybody knows where I can get some royalty free Christian music that you don't need a license to broadcast. Preferably in the genre of HipHop and R&B Thank you
  15. pastordre

    Christian Radio Show

    Hello everybody, I just signed up to the forum and wanted to see if anyone knows of any good Christian Radio stations I can tune into?
  16. R

    Trance Show Hosts

    Please can you have a look and tell me if you would be interested in the rest of this track: [Hashtag]RealWilkinson
  17. M

    Looking to Volunteer for Internet Radio.

    Hello, I'm currently a Podcaster (You can listen to my podcast on and I am currently a Creative Writer for a local radio station. I've also done some announcing or hosting (Whatever you want to call it) in the past, but I haven't lately. I would like to brush...
  18. Waffling Wilson

    12 Hour Live Stream for charity

    Hi everyone, I've never been a runner and I am petrified of heights so marathons and sky dives are not for me. However, I wanted to raise some money for charity so on Wednesday 10th August I am doing a 12 hour live radio stream on my radio station to raise some money for Cancer Research UK. If...
  19. D

    DeepLDNRadio looking for DJ's

    Hi peeps, Does anyone want or know anyone that wants to be a part of a growing radio station? You can broadcast from your own home if you're able too. Looking for all genres of house, funk, soul, Rnb, Jack swing, reggae, disco, rare groove and garage djs. No EDM DJ's Please share this and...
  20. djultra

    own server

    Hello there I've got my own icecast server on my pc, I'm running winamp and the newest icecast server. Now I've port forwarded I've configured the server I've got the edcast plugin for winamp. Now my problem is I sent a link to one of my friends for a tester of my test player I've got on my...