1. Rachel Anne289

    Need help of Transistor Radio

    This is a transistor AM radio circuit is a clean and minimalistic design that faithfully amplifies radio signals so that you can hear them through a loudspeaker. I am using the MPSA13 transistor for this design because internally it is a Darlington and therefore has very high gain. At each...
  2. Admin @ Mix365

    DJ's Wanted for weekly/monthly shows.... interested ?

    Hey ! Were on the lookout for DJ's.. Fancy a spin ? Mix365 is your music station that comes alive. We stream 365 days 24/7 with all genres of electronic music, LIVE sets with full chat interaction with the DJ. Become a DJ on our site and be given the chance to show your true talents ...
  3. M

    Brand New Classic Country Station - All Positions

    All positions are required for our newest station The Rooster, a Classic Country station set to launch soon. Available job openings include: Promotions, Sports Director, Station Manager, Hosts, etc. We are also accepting pre-recorded content. Contact to apply
  4. M

    Classic Rock Hosts Wanted - Legendary Station

    The Legendary Classic Rock XL is looking for live and pre-recorded content for our internet radio station. Set your own schedule. Interview or Promotional requests must go through management. Contact
  5. M

    Metal/Punk Radio Shows Wanted

    Looking for on-air hosts for an internet punk and metal station. We are established and licensed. For any band interview request or promotion requests contact management. Pre Recorded shows approved too! Apply at
  6. J

    Guadarrama Radio

    Hello! Guadarrama Radio is a new radio station broadcasting from the centre of Spain, playing local news and events, also the newest music and bands from around the world and on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 pm, UK time, we play a rock music show, with national and worldwide bands. Hear us via...
  7. Dave Chimny

    Dave Chimny – Ganorium Voyage

    In this thread, I'm posting the tracklists for Ganorium Voyage – my weekly podcast/radio show focussing on the Trance music genre. If you're interested in broadcasting this syndication show on your station, just leave me a message. ;-)
  8. G

    New show available - 'This Is Country Music' (2 x 1 hour shows weekly)

    Hi everyone. Just letting you know about a new show called 'This Is Country Music', currently running on 8 stations here in Ireland. Each 1 hour show features songs on a given theme or linked in some way. Listener reaction has been very positive to date. 2 new shows are added weekly. Message me...
  9. Music Discovery XO

    Music Events: Christina Custode live in concert in New York, USA on 25th February, 2021 | Music Discovery XO

    Music Event. Buy concert tickets to see Christina Custode live in concert in New York, USA on 25th February, 2021 at Sessions Live at...
  10. WantedFM

    Become a Radio Presenter today! -

    Wanted FM - Your Favourite Online Radio. Wanted FM is a Online Radio dedicated in providing regular shows hosted by our presenters, 24/7 Live Radio, exceptional news coverage, a community hub and much more. Wanted FM has been changing the Online Radio community since March 2018 by doing things...
  11. James Panter Wray

    Looking for online airspace...

    My Name is James Panter-Wray I am based in Somerset in the UK and am looking to return to radio after several years away from it. I have a show format ready to go which is very interactive and would suit a live slot but could be a pre record if it needed to be. My style is pretty old school...
  12. Jack123


  13. GamerFM

    GamerFM - New Station on the Block

    GamerFM - THE Radio for Gamers. Hi everyone, some of you might recognize the name, i used to listen to GamerFM back in the day, then i actually started djing for another station called FragRadio some years ago until that finally shutdown. (i was dj luigi). So here i am at 25 - At the start of...
  14. J

    British/American Voice Over

    Hello Everyone If you happen to drop by this forum I appreciate it, and won't take up much of your time I do deep and gritty voice overs, you can check it out a sample below I do host some of my services on Fiverr, check it out if you're interested!
  15. starterfm

    Starter FM: The BEAT Of Sydney

    Welcome Starter FM: The BEAT Of Sydney! We are a new up-tempo music radio station created and made for Sydney, Australia. We aim to provide a quality product not offered by anyone else in the Sydney area. We offer two stations: Starter FM: Starter FM, Space...
  16. TRT Tamil Olli

    HELP: Add my radio station on WiFi Tuner Radios...

    Hello, Can you please send me the link used where I can add my station and make sure that it is broadcast a global scale on WiFi Tuner Radios ? Thank you in advance. Regards, TRT Tamil Olli
  17. Toby Gribben

    Shout Radio Looking For Voluntary Presenters - All Genres

    Shout Radio is growing online radio station with a great community and a wide variety of shows and we are looking new online presenters to provide entertainment, information and of course, great music, 24 hours a day. Any genres of music or show are welcome so please check us out! Ideally you...
  18. TRT Tamil Olli

    HELP ME : How to add my radio station on your directory, please?

    Hello, Can you tell me how to add my radio station on your directory, please ? In fact, I can see that lots of radio stations are available on Internet Radio ( / on your directory. On May 31st, I also submitted my station on the page "Add Internet Radio Stations". Although...
  19. WantedFM

    We need YOU! - Join The Home of Online Radio today

    The Wanted Network The Home of Online Radio. The Wanted Network is a thriving Youth Powered Radio in which dedicates itself on delivering the best music and entertainment made especially for you. The Wanted Network, best known as Wanted FM has been going strong for over a year and will be here...
  20. Lorcian

    Looking for a radio friend for podcasts / internet radio shows

    Hi, My name is Daniel, I’m 36 and I’m based in the UK. I’m a bit of a geek and I love radio and podcasting, a bit of a gamer and I am also a cartoonist! I’m looking for a “radio friend”. someone with similar interests to me who would like to help product some great content. Most of my old...