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Heavy Traxx Radio is looking for DJ'S, Creators and Presenters to join our growing team! Why choose Heavy Traxx Radio as your next or even first radio station we hear you ask? Well, one of the many great things about HTR is that we were founded by DJ'S, for DJ'S. Heavy Traxx Radio understands how important it is to grow your DJ Profile and have a platform that allows others to experience your style of creativity. We will provide you with a professional platform that you can call home, with pride! We strive to provide our DJ's with the best package of care possible, from support with art work, promotional work and 1 on 1 ongoing technical support for streaming and OBS configurations from start to finish to ensure that you're running at the optimized setting tailored to your setup. Heavy Traxx Radio are one of the few Internet Radio Stations that provides listeners and DJ'S with an audio stream that has unlimited bandwidth and a maximum bitrate limit of 320 KBPS. Heavy Traxx and great audio quality 24/7.

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned PRO or if you are just starting out, Heavy Traxx Radio has you covered.
We believe that once joining us you'll become part of a creative community that supports you in return of your support of it. The Heavy Traxx Radio family have Pro FM DJ'S, Pro Web And Technical Support Members and much more talent to offer. This is NOT a station that leaves you in the dark with any advice or support that you may require to expand your creative talent.

To find out more get in touch by e-mail at: admin@heavytraxxradio.co.uk

Visit our website at: https://www.heavytraxxradio.co.uk

Check our Link Tree here: https://linktr.ee/heavytraxxradio