1. MindStation

    Mind Station are looking for a new Radio Presenter!

    Have you got a natural ability to engage with people and would LOVE to have your own radio show? We're looking for talented volunteer presenters who can produce and present unique, stand-out voice-tracked programming that our listeners will want to tune in to. The positions are home studio...
  2. I

    DJ / Presenter Available for Radio Stations Now

    Do you need a Radio DJ/Presenter on your Radio Station? I have 15 years experience and have equipment at home. I play Pop Mixed and from 60's to present. I do Live Shows only. Let me know as I have a lot of free time. Message me below
  3. Stevy6

    Simulator Vibes radio, be heard in game! come join us.

    What do you get when a bunch of geeks with plenty of radio experience between them and who love music and gaming come together? You get Simulator Vibes! Simulator Vibes is focused around bringing the best experience to all our listeners. We're always looking to add fresh talent to our team and...
  4. G

    Complete beginner looking to get on the airwaves so to speak

    When I say “COMPLETE BEGINNER” I mean it. I know how to get the equipment talking to the software and where you can and can’t stream legally but I have no idea how to mix. My style is more Tony Blackburn than Nicky Black Market. Here is a trial stream I did. It’s not the best but I am a...
  5. Dj dazza

    Rodecaster pro

    Hi has anyone used the rodecaster pro for radio? With a budget of £450 I’ve seen the reviews looks good what do others recommend for radio cheers
  6. BBMac

    JukeBoxRadio NEEDS YOU! - "Volunteer Presenters"

    REQUIREMENTS Click on one of the links below to follow us into your next presenting gig WEBSITE :: DISCORD :: ALL VACANCIES
  7. James Panter Wray

    Looking for online airspace...

    My Name is James Panter-Wray I am based in Somerset in the UK and am looking to return to radio after several years away from it. I have a show format ready to go which is very interactive and would suit a live slot but could be a pre record if it needed to be. My style is pretty old school...
  8. CameronD

    Club Lux | Looking For DJs/Presenters

    Club Lux aims to recreate an authentic club experience 100% online. Through the use of our multiple licensed radios and our own Discord server we can bring people from across the world into a online space to talk, play games, enjoy music, interact with our DJs and so much more. **All our...
  9. Toby Gribben

    Shout Radio Looking For Voluntary Presenters - All Genres

    Shout Radio is growing online radio station with a great community and a wide variety of shows and we are looking new online presenters to provide entertainment, information and of course, great music, 24 hours a day. Any genres of music or show are welcome so please check us out! Ideally you...
  10. CameronD


  11. K

    Capable presenter looking for a station - can broadcast regularly

    Hi! I'm Katie, or KTC. I'm an accomplished British presenter that's looking for a reasonably popular station to return to online radio with, after a few years away. I'm available regularly, have a good setup, and can provide an interesting variety of music and entertaining broadcasts. I'm sure I...
  12. ekiller1977

    Experienced DJ looking for established station.

    Stuart Bishop Personal Profile-Musician/Radio presenter. I am a reliable and hard-working musician/composer/DJ I am also known under the artist name,DJ Venom Skills Profile Can record and produce multiple genres of music Keyboard playing is intermediate, but, I am working to improve my...
  13. B


    Hello All, I am very grateful to have built up Heat FM from scratch. The station has done exceptional so far. We still have some slots left to fill. If you are interested in doing a 2, 3, or 4 hour show, please respond to this ASAP. You can also check out the schedule at...
  14. W

    Radio Park Zero looking for presenters

    We are currently looking for any kind of presenters, talk show hosts.We give you the freedom to say/play whatever you want. We treat this radio as a music festival in a park, where you know...there are only a few dumb rules. So if you are interested, please fill out this form ------>...
  15. Muzzy

    Presenter Available

    Hi everyone I'm Muzzy and I currently present on A1 Radio in the UK and have done for about 3 years using shoutcast from the A1 server and my own equipment presenting from home studio. I currently cover a slot from 8-10pm on a Friday evening. I am looking to see if I can gain a similar slot on...
  16. michael k

    R&B Soul Disco Jazz Station well Established looking for DJS

    Hello. We are looking for 2 additional radio announcers to add to our programming. Before you submit, please listen to Montreal. We would love a lady presenter Show are pre taped and can be 1 or 2 hour in lenght Thank you
  17. Angelo Sydney

    Whippet Radio ( ) volunteer DJs wanted

    Whippet Radio is part of the growing WorldWideWhip group of internet radio stations. We've just launched and need more volunteer on-air talent. Music chat and comedy from everywhere. Universal music format. We have Facebook and Second Life presence too. DJs from all timezones welcome. Have...
  18. E

    Presenter/ DJ Looking For Radio To Join

    Hi I live in the UK i'm 18, I'm looking to join a online radio station to play Pop and Rock music from the 70's to the present day or a news talk show/Podcast. I have worked at two other online radio stations they were Transport For Virtual London bringing Pop music, Talk News and Traffic...
  19. D

    Presenter / DJ Looking For Radio To Join

    Hi, i love playing music and hosting professional sounding like shows but As I'm 10 I don't have much official experience but as my dad is an entertainer and a DJ I have a big interest in Presenting and DJ'ing. Earlier this year I used to host my own radio station but if I was able to join a...

    Brand new Manchester Internet Radio station Launching early September

    Hi Everyone Just to ask if there are any Presenters who are based around the Greater Manchester Area or (north west) who would like to help launch a new station. It is planned as a station to serve Greater Manchester and surrounding areas. Looking for reliable Presenters who would like to put...