1. FloydKelly

    World Peace

    "World Peace" by Floyd Kelly. Release date: 4/17/2024, Running Time: 03:49 Here is my song for Sam. Sam, this is my song. Who is Sam? Sam is the guy in the recording studio talking to Johnny Cash during his audition in the movie "Walk the Line": "Sam: Bring... laughs bring it home? Alright...
  2. FloydKelly

    Life is Like Buttah

    "Life is Like Buttah" by Floyd Kelly. Release date: 5/13/2024, Running Time: 03:15 This is a fun dance pop song along the lines of comic pop, featuring male and female vocalists taking turns at the mic. The song is upbeat, friendly and has a great groove. Thank you to the music reviewers on...
  3. M

    My Decades Radio (Framingham-Boston)

  4. D

    Looking For A HOT AC | POP Format Station to do some LIVE Shows On.

    Regarding Pass Work: Hello my name is Darcy. I Come from a commercial radio background over in Australia [HIT NETWORK OWNED BY SCA] I am looking for some non-paid volunteer work to do on an internet radio station. I Have my own copy of a playout system if needed [RCS Zetta] Or/And I'm happy to...
  5. dominickjohn


    [ LET'S GO TRIPPIN' WITH DIABLA AND HER TOTALLY TUBULAR SUMMER TUNES https://www.mixcloud.com/beatsville/uploads/
  6. B

    Happy Son Radio Online 24/7

    Radio Online 24/7 ¡Music! 60s - 70s - 80s - 90s Enter: https://www.happysongradio.com/inlive
  7. K

    Capable presenter looking for a station - can broadcast regularly

    Hi! I'm Katie, or KTC. I'm an accomplished British presenter that's looking for a reasonably popular station to return to online radio with, after a few years away. I'm available regularly, have a good setup, and can provide an interesting variety of music and entertaining broadcasts. I'm sure I...
  8. Brian

    Weekly Top 40 Show

    Hello everyone, I host a weekly top 40 CHR format show called On Air With Brian Becker. On Air With Brian Becker is a weekly four hour formatted CHR show with pop-culture news, interviews, and today's best music! You are able to listen to a demo here...
  9. ItsJack

    [HIRING] UpBeat - A modern take at online radio.

    UpBeatRadio.net Hello Internet Radio! I'm writing today to present to you my online radio station - UpBeat. UpBeat is an online community powered radio station aimed primarily towards a teenage audience, but we have listeners from all kinds of backgrounds! Since we first opened back in...
  10. Classic Rock XL

    5 Radio Stations Looking For Staff

    Hello, We own 5 internet radio stations that need full staff! A Classic Rock Station. An Active Rock, Punk, Metal, and Alternative Station. An LGBTQ & 80's AC Station. A Country Station. & A Rap, Hip-Hop, and EDM station. If interested comment here, email mcelmonmedia@gmail.com or text...
  11. J

    Awesome cover of Madison Beer's Dead by British artist Olivia-Jayne

    POP: Please download and listen to this fantastic cover version of Madison Beers' Dead by British teenager and rising star; Olivia-Jayne https://www.dropbox.com/s/k4tuusuewemcqza/Dead.wav?dl=0
  12. Jay Jay

    Simulator Radio: Presenting positions available.

    Simulator Radio is a fully PPL and PRS licensed Online Radio station that has been broadcasting to the online gaming community since 2014. Not only can listeners tune in via our website at SimulatorRadio.com but we are also included IN GAME in Euro Truck Simulator, American Truck Simulator and...

    *Christmas In New York* - New Synth Pop Single

    Hello everyone ! I wanted to share the latest single from my team - titled "Christmas In New York". Here is a link to preview the song - if you'd like to download it please be in touch - thank you ! https://soundcloud.com/shewcreative/christmas-in-new-york -Steven shewcreative@gmail.com
  14. TheMarkOrtega

    Original Digital Christmas Songs

    Hello, We would like to get airplay for our original tunes, “This Christmas Moment,” which is electronic/pop/gospel and “Santa Bring My Love Home,” which is a throwback Diana Ross inspired holiday song. The tracks were released on our independent holiday album called, “A Very Digital...
  15. Jah Serb

    Dj/Presenter wanted

    I am the admin for TGMRadio.com and we have a nice amount of followers and listeners, on twitter well over 50k. We have a nice selection of selectors from around the globe, playing a bit of everything, reggae, soul, afro funk, dnb, dancehall, rnb, but we still have few slots available. We...
  16. D

    Presenter / DJ Looking For Radio To Join

    Hi, i love playing music and hosting professional sounding like shows but As I'm 10 I don't have much official experience but as my dad is an entertainer and a DJ I have a big interest in Presenting and DJ'ing. Earlier this year I used to host my own radio station but if I was able to join a...
  17. Brian

    ATTR Radio

    ATTR Radio - FT. Lauderdale's #1 Hit Music Station ATTR is a Top - 40 Radio Station. Listen to ATTR: Listen on TuneIn: tunein.com/radio/ATTR-Radio-s289042/ Listen to ATTR on our website: attr.appletips81.com If you want to host a show on ATTR Radio, email me at brian@appletips81.com
  18. DJRambo

    Post Removed

  19. Brian

    On Air With Brian Becker

    Hello, my name is Brian Becker. I am the host and owner of a weekly show, On Air With Brian Becker. The show is a CHR / HOT AC show. Throughout the show, your listeners can expect to be updated on their favorite celebrities in a fun, interactive way. You can hear a demo here. The show is free to...
  20. Brian

    CHR Pop Talk / Music Show.

    Hello, my name is Brian Becker. I am the host and owner of my weekly show, On Air With Brian Becker. During the show, I talk about pop news and play new pop music. It is a 4-hour CHR show. If you want to hear a demo you can do so here: www.onairwithbrian.com/media/demo.mp3. The show is free to...