internet radio

  1. Lorcian - Internet Radio Station - Fully licenced with DAB+ time

    Hi Folks, A few friends and I decided to get together and start a podcasting / internet radio station called Think of it as a radio station with shows being recorded and being available as podcasts. These shows will put into a weekly rotation automatically and be available via...
  2. D

    I have 10 years online radio DJ/Streaming experience

    Anyone looking for DJ’s. I have all genres, I can take live callers, I can do a Request and Dedication show. Whatever you would need/want. I am In USA (Pennsylvania) EST (Eastern Standard Time Zone) Thanks, Jammin’ M
  3. D

    Can anyone do web design (free voluntary)?

    Need a better looking site, can anyone design me a basic site with a couple pages. Programs/shows - DJ’s - Contact etc. please? In return I will air ads or you can do a show. Please can anyone help out, message me or comment, I know a little bit, but not to good at it. Thanks
  4. D

    Paid Position

    Hey all Stations, Im Matt and I have been looking to DJ Full-Time from Home and make a career with this, I Love Radio/DJ/Broadcasting/Streaming, I have 10 years plus of Radio Streaming online running my own stations and working voluntary for others on and off since 2005ish. I love to dj playing...
  5. Casey Kasem

    Sonic Radio

    Hey all. Check out and listen to some great music and shows by our very talented on-air live presenters. Great bunch of people, and we want you to be a part of us. Come on in to our newly coded chatroom, with some features that will blow your mind. A great group of...
  6. M

    Zin Radio Internet Radio App @ Google Play & only 1.6MB

    Found this great little app @ Google Play store. Has thousands of internet stations. I like it as it has no permissions, very small (only 1.6MB so good on my old Android mobile), has no pop ups, has no adverts so not intrusive at all. Here is the link or go direct to Google Play Store on your...
  7. S

    Coders wanted for online radio

    Are you a coder and want to volunteer for our station? Send us A comment and we'll get back to you
  8. Brian Caza

    Looking for volunteer Indie DJ's

    I have just started a new Indie Internet Radio Station and am looking for some DJ's as well as webcasts that other stations have that can be shared on my station. You can email me at Check out our station -
  9. G

    Need a fun and lively show for your station?

    Voted the best community radio show, Ginger and Nuts now broadcast their one-hour weekly radio show on various FM, community and internet radio stations. And, we want to offer it to other licensed radio stations for free. That’s right, zilch, not a single penny! The fun show is recorded as live...
  10. W

    We are looking for DJs/Talkshow hosts

    We are currently looking for any kind of presenters, talk show hosts.We give you the freedom to say/play whatever you want. We treat this radio as a music festival in a park, where you know...there are only a few dumb rules. So if you are interested, please fill out this form ------>...
  11. David Greenwood

    'Past & present mixed' show by DJ DaveG

    DJ DaveG's popular show 'Past and present mixed' is now available to be played on other internet stations. DJ DaveG produces and records the show to be played at any time during the stations schedule. It can be an hour or two show and consists of remixed hits from the decades. The mixes are...
  12. radio35

    Looking for DJ mix: chillout/lounge/downtempo

    Hi everyone, I am looking for pre-recorded DJ sets of chillout/lounge and downtempo for my new internet radio station, which will be launched officially in January 2018. The station is no-profit, so unfortunately I won't be able to pay. Please email me if interested postmaster(at)
  13. Diversity

    Diversity Radio are looking for New Djs

    we are seeking non experienced and experienced radio DJs / presenters to join this great fresh station where we're playing a variety of music from the swinging 60s to present. Have a look at the website and station. ,
  14. Steve D

    New internet radio station uk presenters wanted

    Hi. We are a brand new internet radio station already with a big following of over 1000 people. We are looking for quality presenters to join our team. We have some Saturday and weekday slots available. Presenters must have a good home set up with a good microphone and quality output. We are...
  15. B

    Militia Entertainment (Detroit Mi)

    How are you doing internet radio? I'm Billy Blanco manager of Militia Entertainment, I'm going post some links of our website, videos and more Our website: LZ youtube channel: Militia Entertainment youtube channel...
  16. Defiant Radio

    Defiant Radio Website.

    Hi Guys, We have just got our domain name for our website, its not finished yet but will be before we launch the station in the summer 2017. Please let us know what you think or any ideas or improvements needed, (the music is off at the moment but we will be running test broadcasts tomorrow)...
  17. Dj Sonique

    A little different from the norm.....

    Golden Grooves Radio have a new once a month show soon to be aired called 'Ask the doctor'. We are looking for a qualified nurse or doctor or both who would be willing to volunteer an hour of their time via skype on our station where our fast growing listeners will be able to pass their...
  18. ChrisG46

    Live talk radio possibility?

    Hi, I'm a semi-retired video and radio journalist who is making a video channel aimed at a UK group of workers, and having a surprising amount of success. I'd like to add some effective way of getting more feedback from my audience, and wondered about running a daily one-hour live internet talk...
  19. Tyson Brooks

    Looking for a Music & Program Director

    Mach7 Radio - We are looking for an out going person who would be willing to volunteer time to help our station run smoothly by scheduling the music & managing our show schedules. To view the job position please visit:
  20. The Big Scoop with Coop

    The Big Scoop with Coop

    Hello everyone my name is Michael Cooper aka "Coop" the host of The Big Scoop with Coop. On my show my guests speak about how they started in their career, their success, give advice on how to get started in their career and more! A lot of my guests are well known and some you will get...