Heavy Metal Radio Stations

We have 87 radio stations playing Heavy Metal.


Hard Rock & Metal Radio

Genres: hard rock metal

RADIO.IPIP.CZ: Hard_&_Heavy

Smokie - I'll Meet You At Midnight

Genres: heavy metal blues rock

RADIO.IPIP.CZ: Hard_rock_Jede

Autograph - Turn up the Radio

Genres: rock metal hardrock

RADIO.IPIP.CZ: Radio Excaliber

Hagalas - Destination : Genocide
Genres: new metal rock


The Cult - Sweet Soul Sister

Genres: heavy metal blues rock


Godsmack - Generation Day

Genres: metal hard rock classis

RADIO.IPIP.CZ: Classic_Rock_World

Missing Tide - Never Surrender

Genres: classic rock hard rock metal rock blues

About Heavy Metal Music

Heavy metal (or just metal) is a form of rock music. It originated in the late 1960s and early 1970s mostly in england and the united states. Although its roots originate from blues music and psychedelic rock, heavy metal developed a much more heavier, louder and distorted sound with an emphasis on extended guitar solos and more upfront drum beats. Heavy metal lyrics and the presentation of the music are of a much more aggressive nature than that of other forms of rock music.

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