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NoLife Radio

xxx - - - - - - xxx 96kbps The Video Games Music Channel
Darwinia - Visitors from Dreams -- PC
Genres: video game music - Scores of Music from Movies, Game, TV & Anime w/Chat & Automated Requests

Miklos Rozsa - Ben-Hur - Overture (6:31)
Genres: soundtracks score video game

Retro PC Game Music Streaming Radio for Gyusyabu

j…[EMA for X68k [MIDI MT-32] 10. FLUXTION [C/Ô²B.C.8722] (C)1990 Victor, (C)Fill in cafe
Genres: game

GBR gamebytesradio

Hisayoshi Ogura - ARE YOU LADY? (STAGE 2) - HuCARD Disc In TAITO Vol.2
Genres: video game music

Not GamingFM

Star Wars: Dark Forces - PC - Final Battle (3:04)
Genres: video game


Jonathan Dunn - Battle Command subtune1
Genres: game chip retro

Otterlandia Radio

Genres: video game music rock electronic

SimCity stream

04 SC3K Building
Genres: game music

About Game Music

Video game music refers to the soundtrack or background music from computer games. In its early days the music was restricted by old technological constraints to low bitrate sounds and the use of simple monophonic melodies. Video game music has since developed hugely in more recent years to the same complexity and quality standard as to be expected from television or movie soundtracks.

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