Volunteering beginning radio dj.


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Hi, I’m Arthur from Belgium.
Lately I’ve been thinking about joining the internet radio scene. I’ve always been interested in radios and broadcasting.
I’m 19 years old and I work a part time job so I have some free time. I would love to dj somewhere or host a show but I have no prior experience in this field. My english is pretty good and my mother language is dutch. People have told me I would have a nice radio voice, so I’m hoping there is an internet radio station somewhere that could find some value in me as a fresh dj. If anyone’s interested feel free to contact me for a demo or an interview. I am not looking to get paid, just want to have some fun and join the scene.



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Hi Arthur, if you are still looking then please consider Hive365.co.uk. Were a friendly bunch and always live helping the first timers find their feet. Drop me a line here if you wish to go with us. Simone.