The Legends Of The Rocking Dutchman


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The Legends Of The Rocking Dutchman is a weekly syndicated radio show featuring pre-Rock 'n Roll African American music, from the first recorded blues in 1920 and African-American jazz, through the Depression years and the war to postwar Rhythm & Blues up to the mid-fifties. It tells the story how segregation and discrimination made this music the key ingredient of all modern popular music.

About half of the shows are themed, spotlighting a record label, a producer or a common theme in Rhythm & Blues, others are just a playlist with emphasis on the artists. To cater to radio stations that have limitations to the number of tracks of one artist within an hour, I don't produce artists specials.

The Legends air on seven radio stations in the U.S.A. and one in the UK. With over 230 shows produced, there's enough in the archives for several years, and there's many more shows to come.

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