Radio Directory Updates


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Some of you noticed our slight CSS mishap last night on the front page. This is now fixed and has all happened because of some new improvements we have been making to the directory.

One of the main behind the scene back-end upgrades that have been made is to move to a pure MySQL database for all the radio stations we list. This allows MUCH faster response times for our pages. This new system also allows us to more easily implement pagination for each genre. This means you can now easily browse through ALL the pages of radio's instead of just the top 20.

For an example look at the popular 'Rock' genre :

Rock Radio Stations

You will notice at the bottom of the page options to navigate over 50 pages of Rock stations.

We have also slightly modified our front index page to display the top 5 'Featured' radio stations followed by the top 5 most popular internet radio stations.

Our new database structure for radio stations allows us the possibility to extend the front page listings further. We also have plans to allow sorting by bitrate and stream type (i.e. MP3 / AAC) inside the directory as our new database has the capability.