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GamerFM - THE Radio for Gamers.

Hi everyone, some of you might recognize the name, i used to listen to GamerFM back in the day, then i actually started djing for another station called FragRadio some years ago until that finally shutdown. (i was dj luigi). So here i am at 25 - At the start of this year i was looking on the overwolf store and realised there wasn't actually a live 24/7 radio people could use on the platform. I thought this would be a cool idea and so i thought why the heck not and decided to bring back GamerFM and start a little project for myself. At this moment in time we dont have many listeners but it is growing slightly everyday.The website is static atm but it looks quite nice. I'm looking at options to completely re-do it in a few weeks.

My Goal for the station is to create a place and a community people want to be a part of, somewhere people can come to when life kicks them down. we have a discord server set up, a discord bot people can use. (Tne bot is currently having a makeover) You can use overwolf in literally hundreds of games aswell. The station focuses on playing the best POP, ROCK and DANCE tracks.

If anyone wants to help me on this journey feel free to get in contact.

Thanks you.