Control Panel Upgrades


Level 1 Support
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We have just performed an update to the control panels :

New Features

  • Added SHOUTCAST_UTF8_PASSTHRU option to better support Asian character sets


  • Eliminated 36hr maximum limit on LOGROTATE_FREQUENCY
  • Changed default IceCast XSL status page field separator to pipe instead of comma
  • Updated IceCast status parser to be tolerant of field-separator characters in stream statuses
  • Added 64-bit canbuildices prompt to installer
  • Added option to disable browse-by-folder if needed
  • Updated GeoIP code to latest version offered by MaxMind

  • Corrected IceCast XSL changes to be backwards-compatible with earlier IceCast versions
  • AutoDJ controls are no longer displayed when autoDJ is configured but set to "Disabled"
  • Suppressed irrelevant chdir() warning message on some servers when starting streams
  • Fixed bug which prevented the same port number from being used on multiple IP addresses
  • Fixed UTF-8 encoding error in log viewer
  • Updated default config.php created by installer
  • Updated IceCast code to use new IceCast listener report format
Please let us know if you notice any issues.


There appears to be a problem in our control panel - the Loading Data Transfer, Payment Buttons and Payment History all just show "loading" and have been like this since last night. Other links in the panel are slow to respond. Is there a problem with control panels at the moment?


Level 1 Support
Staff member
Hi Dave, thanks for letting us know. We noticed this morning. We have fixed the loading options. Some of our AJAX code was missing in the new update. The control panels should be responding normally now.