Chill Radio To Cease Transmission


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Chill Radio can only be heard on DAB now in just 2 cities, there is a chance this will also cease to broadcast bery soon.

PLEASE goto Return Chill To DAB Petition lets stand up and fight, we cannot lose such a diverse, fresh sounding radio station on DAB, that attracts over 220,000 per week. Thank you


I'm sorry to report that Chill's DAB coverage is drastically shrinking from this week. This is a decision made by our parent company Global Radio and Arqiva, the new owners of the multiplexes from which we have been broadcasting. It's a realistic business decision for them, and I am personally thankful for these companies' support for the last four and a half years.

The affected areas for the change are: Bristol, Bournemouth, Cambridge, Cardiff, Exeter & Torbay, Kent, Norwich, Peterborough, Plymouth & Cornwall, Reading & Basingstoke, Southend & Chelmsford, Sussex Coast, Swindon and Severn Estuary.

The good news is that we will continue to broadcast in other areas, and everywhere on the internet. You don't even need a computer to listen - internet radios are getting really cheap, and we are even available on the iPhone and any other device which can pick up MP3 streams. Full details including the stream addresses are at

People have been asking how they can best support Chill and keep it going. The answer - come and chill with us online. Especially, join our new community at Chill fans - We're here to help you chill. The bigger that gets, the more we can show potential sponsors how passionate you are about chilling, and that will help us find companies who can share the costs in a way that still helps you chill. DAB is very expensive to be on compared with the internet - but if there is enough support, who knows what might be possible?

I hope that you got to read this update before getting frustrated not finding Chill on your DAB radio. I would like everyone to be able to avoid the frustration of tuning and retuning, so if you can spare a few minutes, please pass this message to your friends and invite them to chill with us at Chill fans - We're here to help you chill

Many thanks,
Bern @ Chill