1. S

    New Presenters Wanted!

    Are you a lover of Music and People? We at coolvibes-reloaded' coolvibes-reloaded Are Looking For DJ"s with little or no experience. We will train you to become an online DJ. IT's FREE. We are a 3-year-old non-profit family orientated Internet Radio station Looking to GROW, We play all different...
  2. S

    "ON-AIR, Voluntary Staff"

    "Are you fed up from having no job, but would love to volunteer on a work from home radio station"? We have tons of spaces going From presenter To advertiser, promo/jingle maker Website ideas, manager. If you would like any of those opportunities Inbox me today
  3. S

    Joining internet station

    Would you like to become a dj on our family growing station? Please leave a comment below or email urbanradiostaff@gmail.com
  4. S

    manager desperado needed

    urban8radio would like a second person to volunteer on our station as a manager as we need someone who will help kick our staff up the jacksi so to speak so if you want the manager job please comment the manager job is to help the station get off its feet grab loads more staff in help with...
  5. djultra

    Station looking for volountry presenters/djs

    Hello all urban8 is looking for volountry presenters or djs to join our station, we play signed artists reggae,pop,dance,remixes,hardcore,80's And unsigned artists Join up today :) urbanradiostaff@gmail.com