voice over

  1. J

    British/American Voice Over

    Hello Everyone If you happen to drop by this forum I appreciate it, and won't take up much of your time I do deep and gritty voice overs, you can check it out a sample below I do host some of my services on Fiverr, check it out if you're interested! https://www.fiverr.com/share/Em7BEd...
  2. astevens

    (Male) British Voiceover for Radio Imaging

    Hi, if you're looking for an affordable MVO for your next radio imaging... please check out my imaging voice reel. https://alexstevensvoiceover.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Alex-Stevens-Imaging-Demo.mp3 Affordable rates - email me at studio@alexstevensvoiceover.com Voice is youthful with an...
  3. I

    Station Sweeps, Drops, Jingles, Imaging and Production Service

    Hey all, Having had some time on my hands over Christmas, I’ve had some time to re(launch) my website which offers imaging and production for radio shows, radio stations and podcasters! Just thought I’d throw it out there for those who need some imaging here and there, are looking for...
  4. D

    DJ drops, station drops, jingles and more (VO service)

    Hi there, I'm Dave from the Netherlands, I'm a dutch radio DJ and voice over. Make audio productions for people and stations all over the world! My VO service goes via Fiverr. Do you search drops or jingles for your radio station or program or anything else? Check my service...