1. Jiggs_Casey

    All Vinyl on The B Side. Every 2nd Wednesday, 8-10pm CST.

    Currently playing my record collection for you every other Wednesday night on Thunder Radio Canada from 8-10pm CST. Every song comes from an album in my personal collection. I play the album cuts that didn't get worn out of FM Classic Rock Radio as well as all sorts of musical gems from many...
  2. S

    Every Sunday Live on Coni-OnAir

    Hello my friends, I am Souldennis from Greece and I would like to inform you that every Sunday on Coni-OnAir , I present my broadcast from 7pm to 9pm (GMT+2) (Athens Time 19:00-21:00). My show includes songs from soul and jazz music scenes. Some of them are rare. I'll be glad to see you on air...
  3. M

    Help with playing Vinyl thru usb mixer....

    hey all, A very happy new year to everyone :) Im in need of some help with playing my vinyls thru a numark usb dj mixer that feeds into my laptop via usb and then into proppfrexx dj software,i can get a feed no problem,but whats happening is the usb from the mixer is only giving me one channel...
  4. ThreeB

    Two hours long monthly vinyl show "Pulse" looking radio stations

    Forgotten beats, lost melodies. Beyond time, beyond mind. This is Pulse, hosted by composer, DJ and filmmaker Bela Banhegyi a.k.a. 3B. The first episode: Contact: pulsethepodcast at Thx and peace!