1. växla

    RedrasFM: Your #1 Metal Station.

    yeah we ripped off half the other slogans out there. RedrasFM is a metal radio station. All to it. Curated by two metalheads, funded by the community and the love for sick guitar riffs, RedrasFM plays metal from black to doom, prog to sludge, thrash to post, punk to industrial. As time allows...
  2. RockOn-Dj-Lionel

    Podcast Culture / iRadio Listeners

    Hi there, my name is Lionel. I'm here to present our radiostation called Rock On Online Radio We are a group of old farts drained from the past sewage system of rock from acid of the 60's and bell bottomed soul of the 70's to nowadays crappy pop music but with well crafted hits. Started just a...
  3. Moshville Shells

    I am looking to DJ Hard Rock and Metal.

    I have been a journalist in the scene, both underground and mainstream for some time and during the lockdown, I figured I would branch out. I have many PR firms and record companies that send me new releases along with direct contact with a lot of bands. For equipment, I have a Rodecaster Pro...
  4. Most Likely Forever

    metal band seeking widespread airplay we're from newfoundland, canada. influenced by pantera, killswitch, machinehead, etc. our debut album drops next week. please have a listen. we can deliver the goods.
  5. N

    Neil Wonnell's Metalmouth

    HOME Neil Wonnell’s Metalmouth© is a weekly syndicated Radio Show that can be heard Worldwide via Internet and Terrestrial Radio Stations. Hosted by veteran Rock/Talk Radio Personality and Heavy Metal Historian Neil Wonnell, the show is recorded at the Metalmouth studio on the far south side...