1. [BC]afGun

    Instrumental\Score music (from calm to epic)

    - Bandcamp - Youtube channel
  2. They act Human

    They act human.. instrumental robot music

    Hello.. My music project They act human is looking for airplay my music is based on horror and Sci-fi movies, 80's video game music , sad robot story's and sometimes math metal.. Built by hand, note by note, beat by beat (one-man band) also part of a fanzine All songs written and performed by...

    Oceans Of Sound LP (Special Edition) by Purl & Sinius (OUT NOW)

    Oceans Of Sound LP (Special Edition) by Purl & Sinius Blue Water 11:32 Endless Wonder 10:54 Cascade 10:04 Gate Of Liberation 10:52 Over The Edge 05:48 Not Of This World 09:50 In Perfect Safety 09:34 Innercity Solitude 08:10 Not Of This World (Parallel Dimension)09:26 Not Of This World...