1. VexRadio

    VexRadio ~ Bringing more variety to internet radio! ~ Devs Needed ~ Hello! We are 'VexRadio' VexRadio is a new and upcoming station aimed to provide music to a growing community. We pride ourselves in having a great staff team, amazing uptime on our radio server and a friendly community. On our radio, we play almost anything. We aim to...
  2. S

    looking for DJ'S And Presenters|urban8

    we are looking for volountary presenters to join our radio, with any types of music you can bring to us. we accept 80's 90's todays pop dance reggae any mixes you may have. rock and anything else you may have. please leave a comment below..........:p:)
  3. J

    New to this !!

    Hi Folks, Trying to set up a radio program to stream through Icecast. I am using Radiodj initially as I want to do a test run first before investing in a paid program. I have downloaded Radiodj and MYSQL, I also need to download Altacast and Voicemeeter. I am computer literate but completely...