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    Ghana Radio Stations - Online Radio On Liveghanatv

    Hello Everyone! I Like To Share With You Ghana Radio Stations, For Listening Interested Sports & Political News Or Many Other Programs. You Can Listen Many Ghanaian Radio Stations In One Website. Please Visit This Website and Enjoy your favorite Ghana radio...
  2. Unpredictable Porridge

    Fancy Some Porridge?

    Unpredictable Porridge has provisionally started and hopes to be launching towards the end of the year with a schedule of live programmes, pre-recorded shows and DJ mixes. We hope to be hosting a series of gigs and events during this time leading up to our launch. We will be a music based...
  3. G

    looking for new presenters?

    Hey, you clicked on the links so thanks! We are a married couple and our show was voted the best community radio show. Our one-hour weekly radio show which aims to make the listener feel good now goes out on various FM, community and internet radio stations. Now, we record the show as live on...
  4. G

    Need a fun and lively show for your station?

    Voted the best community radio show, Ginger and Nuts now broadcast their one-hour weekly radio show on various FM, community and internet radio stations. And, we want to offer it to other licensed radio stations for free. That’s right, zilch, not a single penny! The fun show is recorded as live...
  5. Darren Yates

    Award-winning show for your station...?

    I currently present a fun and lively one-hour weekly show that engages with listeners across the globe. We're already broadcasting to 12 radio stations, but we've decided to extend this to include a few more radio stations (totally free). The show, 'Ginger and Nuts' which I present with my wife...
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    Ginger and Nuts | One Hour Weekly Show

    Ginger and Nuts present a popular weekly radio show that guarantees smiles, prizes, fun and something different! Quite simply, Ginger and Nuts both have their radio show down to a fine art. The cheeky radio presenters are already syndicating their show to more than 7 stations, but now opening...