hard rock

  1. dominickjohn


    FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO BELIEVE, AS WE DO, VALENTINE'S DAY IS A GREETING CARD COMPANY CONSPIRACY! https://www.mixcloud.com/upload/beatsville/beatsville-presents-happy-valentines-day-i-hate-you/complete/ TRACK LISTING 1 COMMENTARY SET ONE INTRO AND MUSIC 2 LOVE COMES IN SPURTS RICHARD HELL & THE...
  2. AllInclusiveRadio

    Back To The Arena

    I run a syndicated rock show called "Back To The Arena" where we play new and old rock with that 80's rock sound. Groups like Motley Crue, Poison, Def Leppard along with new bands like Tokyo Motor Fist, Revolution Saints, Black Swan and more. You can hear a show scope at...
  3. PariahBurke

    Seeking Stations (Net, LPFM, FM): Pro Weekly Rock/Hair Music Show

    SEEKING NEW AFFILIATE STATIONS: Net, LPFM, FM Professionally produced Free to broadcast (for non-commercial stations) New shows delivered Mondays Access to show archives for reruns and filler Affiliates promoted on social media and on-air On-air promos recorded for your station Hard...
  4. Xtreme Team

    Where You Can Find Your Rock N' Roll

    Check yourself In & Get Your Rock On!! Join Brian Basher On "Hard Rock Nights" who will be playing some of the biggest legends in classic rock including a few new surprises. #Tunein Fridays 23:00/GMT (UK)17:00/EST (US) If It Rock's Its Here! www.xtremechannel.co.uk
  5. D

    Rock Explorer - Wednesdays @7PM CET

    Hi, I'm a presenter at BAIT Radio hosting a weekly interactive radio show Rock Explorer - www.baitradio.com/shows/rock-explorer. I've started off as an online game commentator back in 2005 and from 2010 am hosting the weekly music show. Check out the annual "Rock of the Year" edition of my...
  6. Vik

    German presenter is looking for an English station

    Rock, hard rock,blues, a bit of this and a bit of that. Handmade music, interviews and a lot of stories to tell. If you are interested please contact me under vaubee95@gmail.com. What else? More than two decades radio experience and I love rules. Rules have to have exceptions! Time is money...