1. [BC]afGun

    Instrumental\Score music (from calm to epic)

    - Bandcamp - Youtube channel
  2. S


    New radio started with alternative music from 90's https://radiosoundfactory.panelradiowy.pl/radio Check !!
  3. macbroadcast

    [New here - bayradio.eu ]

    hello everybody, i am a WordPress guy, musician, ex-producer, tech enthusiast, who came to streaming, video and audio long ago, but never had the chance to run a web radio station. I am looking for interested /interesting people, who like to DJ any kind of style and wants to perform or talk...
  4. Alejandro Millás

    Millás A.K.A Myjazz - "Auto-tune depression"_

    Millás A.K.A Myjazz "Auto-tune depression": https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHWeXIM2m1bR6rLurOiAgtEtpmIgtayde
  5. S


  6. AxelB

    New TRANCE Track

    With You Forever feat LalyB New Trance Track or https://soundcloud.com/producer_axelb/with-you-forever-feat-lalyb Thank!
  7. Saxon McKean

    Elevate By Starving Artists Creations. (Chill, Female, Ambiant)

    Hey all Starving Artists Creations here. Elevate has gotten a lot of good feedback as well as our metal rap hybrid Walk steady. If you like high quality tracks and good sounding music, check us out on any music platform you use under artist name "Starving Artists Creations". Heres the sound...
  8. M

    Mindseye - The Ocean

    MindsEye is a Dutch record producer, currently residing in New Zealand. His music is a blend of different styles, samples and sounds, influenced by ambient and trip-hop as well as electro and left-field hip-hop... His latest track, 'The Ocean', is now available online on streaming services like...
  9. Scander

    Preview Cosmic Boys - Neutron "Ep" on Form Music (Popof's Label) out on January 9th, 2017

    Support, the preview Cosmic Boys - Neutron "Ep" on Form Music (Popof's Label) out on January 9th, 2017. Soundcloud Link: https://goo.gl/2fltqL
  10. P

    Melodic Deep House DJ - Looking for Radio Show

    Hi, My name is Pat and i've been djing for over 8-9 years now, I started getting into streaming sets online and it's been pretty fun so i've wanted to expand it into a full blown well produced radio show that will be a hour long and done weekly for free.. I've posted some older content a while...
  11. M

    Maxx Crowder - Soul Fever EP

    Hello! My name is Maxx Crowder, a Producer/DJ in the Columbus area. I just release my "Soul Fever EP" on September 30th through Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and SoundCloud. I've been having some success promoting myself, however, I am trying to reach out to some people to make some magic happen...
  12. M

    Granchite Yumtruso EP

    my last work of electronic/ambient/acoustic music, an EP called 'Granchite Yumtruso (PT 1)'. Published by Nostress Netlabel in July. It is in creative commons and you can download and listen it. “it's an album in warm and elegant sounds, scratching the heart and soul of the listener. A work...
  13. Quite Great

    Impressive electronic rework of Adam & the Ants’ Kings of the Wild Frontier by Johnny Normal (Featur

    Electronic musician Johnny Normal delivers this shiny synth-driven rework of Adam & the Ants’ 1980 classic album Kings of the Wild Frontier. Reaching number 1 in the UK album chart and spawning three hit singles ‘Kings of the Wild Frontier’, ‘Dog Eat Dog’ and ‘Antmusic’, the original Kings of...
  14. R

    Trance Radio Stations I Would Like

    Exposure please. I am an individual who would like you to be involved in a new music chapter of my life where I need to go to the next level. With your kindest help I could become the next big thing. In short, I have been producing for some years as a hobbie, however - now it seems to be...
  15. ZANJ Radio

    ZANJ Radio Looking for Guest DJs

    Hello, we are ZANJ Radio, an internet based radio platform located in Stony Hill, St. Andrew Jamaica. We air a wide variety of music and our station focus on highlighting emerging DJs, creative artists, art and music. Currently we broadcast on the weekends beginning on Friday evenings (-5GMT-...
  16. Quite Great

    BIG ZERO have a message for you from their synth-punk world!

    And it originated in the past. BIG ZERO’s track ‘Tear It Up and Start Again’ is an attitude filled punchy guitar/synth song that conjures the electronic magic of the 80’s but still feels like a new sound using their modern take on the world. The ZERO’s clearly take a lot of inspiration from the...
  17. Scander

    Previews new Scander SC013 Le Son Du Placard - Fantôme "EP"

    This is the previews of our new release SC013 by Le SonDu Placard. Remixes by Ron Costa, Paul Strive and Cosmic Boys Soundcloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/scanderrecords/sets/sc013-le-son-du-placard-fant - Fantôme is a dynamic track with smooth bassline, hypnotic vocal and special synth. -...
  18. Scander

    Afrobeat, Danny B - Euphoria " EP " out now on Beatport.

    New Scander SC012 Afrobeat, Danny B - Euphoria " EP " is out now!!! Supported by Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Claude VonStroke, Markantonio, Oscar Aguilera, Joy Kitikonti, Djuma Soundsystem, Marc DePulse, Cosmic Boys, Audiomatiques, Kiss FM, TSUGI Magazine, TuneBox / Shoto, Green Monkeys...
  19. C

    EL Tigre - With out you (EDM - 128 bxm)

    The last release of Nomad Wave by el Tigre ... BE our friend Soundcloud Facebook Twitter More music
  20. M

    'Armstrong' new sci-fi electronic music album (NOSTRESS NETLABEL)

    Hello everybody, out in October for Nostress Netlabel , in digital free download, 'Armstrong'. Massimo Ruberti www.massimoruberti.it ARMSTRONG After having told of cities without sun, at night, when smog vanishes, one’s gaze is searching again for a corner of nocturnal skies, it searchs...