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    DEEP DARK'n FUNKY Radio - DJs/Presenters Wanted

    Welcome to Deep Dark'n Funky Radio (DDF Radio), where soulful beats and groovy rhythms collide! Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant dance music and electrifying energy by joining us on a musical journey like no other as we bring you House, Garage & Drum’n Bass with everything in between...

    ((( Presenters Wanted For a Weekly Show )))

    Sparks 108 FM Radio: The Ultimate Destination for Drum and Bass Music Fans Sparks 108 FM Radio is a popular radio station that has been serving the UK audience since its inception. The radio station is known for its diverse music genres, with a particular focus on drum and bass. The station has...

    Looking For DJ's To Join Us

    Bass flow radio is a Drum and Bass Radio station based in the United Kingdom London,we have been broadcasting since 2017 only as a solo radio station and it is now time for us to be looking for DJs who can spare one hour or two house to have there very own show with us. we are looking for DJs...

    Check out our DJ SHOWS and MORE (SPARKS-FM 101.3)

    Come and check our weekly shows and join us every weekday and tune in to your most loved DJ right here at sparks-fm 101.3 broadcasting 24/7 non-stop music on the go. if your looking to become a DJ then sparks fm may be right for you? contact us today to find out more.if you have any questions we...


    We are Looking for Djs who would love to have there own radio broadcast,our radio station is Mainly Drum and Bass and Jungle,but we are looking for DJ's who Play House Music,dubstep,80s - 90s Ect.. we are looking at broadening our Music Genre here at SPARKS-FM.and to give everyone the Music...
  6. Ratnest Media Group

    Ratnest Radio is currently looking for presenters!

    Don't let our name fool you, the rat in this context is the animal :) Ratnest is an upcoming interned radio station specializing in popular modern music, electronica, indie/alternative, hip-hop, rock and whatever that could be considered music, really. Our goal is to build an online community...
  7. S

    Drum & Bass DJ

    Hi all, I am a Drum & Bass DJ, I have been mixing for over a year now, and I am very interested in joining a radio station. I am very open to what genres people would want me to do, as I can do various genres, which I have done previously. If anyone is interested, they can message me or reply on...

    Origins Of The Outerworld (THE DEBUT ALBUM) by Bass'Flo & Nemanoe after 10 years! (OUT NOW)

    Origins Of The Outerworld [ LP ] by The Outerworld Another Earth 06:18 Palmistry 07:35 Under The Stars 08:11 Gamma Rays 07:29 Aurelia 07:43 Space & Aviation 08:15 eXistenZ 07:02 Approaching the Unknown 07:32 CrystalForms 07:00 Elysium Planitia 08:00 Undiscoverd Space 08:20 Alpine Breath...
  9. M

    Maxx Crowder - Soul Fever EP

    Hello! My name is Maxx Crowder, a Producer/DJ in the Columbus area. I just release my "Soul Fever EP" on September 30th through Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and SoundCloud. I've been having some success promoting myself, however, I am trying to reach out to some people to make some magic happen...
  10. Matt Prime

    Liquid drum & bass show

    If you like your liquid dnb check out bluvelvetradio.com Wednesday's 9pm uk time Matt P will be live playing the world best in liquid beats The Liquid Indulgence Show Wednesday's broadcasting live from the uk 9pm uk time
  11. ZANJ Radio

    ZANJ Radio Looking for Guest DJs

    Hello, we are ZANJ Radio, an internet based radio platform located in Stony Hill, St. Andrew Jamaica. We air a wide variety of music and our station focus on highlighting emerging DJs, creative artists, art and music. Currently we broadcast on the weekends beginning on Friday evenings (-5GMT-...
  12. MrKrotos

    Looking for regular mixsets/live djs (DnB/Breaks/House/Oldskool)

    Please link latest mixsets/demos or PM links if interested :)