dj wanted

  1. Admin @ Mix365

    DJ's wanted

    Hey ! Were on the lookout for DJ's.. Want to have a show on our amazing station? Want to play to a Global Audience ? If you have an electronic music/dance/edm show and can commit to providing a minimum of a new 1 hour show every month, get in touch NOW… You can supply a new show every week if...
  2. Admin @ Mix365

    What would you like to do ? DJ's Wanted

    Firstly thank you for all the interest we have had for our new station, for the DJ's and listeners alike. We are still on the lookout for DJ's to fill the schedule. We are an electronic music station playing all types of dance music, from house, techno, trance, makina, bounce.. you name it we...
  3. SOLE


    Hi All We are opening a new electronic music online radio station. We are basically set with all the DJ's and their podcasts, but need a volunteer who can set the weekly schedules run the program for us. Please contact us directly via e-mail for further details so we can arrange a Skype meeting...
  4. J

    Looking for DJ's and tech support for my station

    I am looking for DJ's to help out with my station I would need someone also to help with setting up Sam's Broadcaster for other users that don't have it. If you can contact me @ to let me know if you are interested I would really appreciate it. A No Drama Station
  5. Diversity

    Diversity Radio are looking for New Djs

    we are seeking non experienced and experienced radio DJs / presenters to join this great fresh station where we're playing a variety of music from the swinging 60s to present. Have a look at the website and station. ,
  6. scottyd

    RBX Radio - Presenters Wanted

    RBX Radio has just has a huge revamp and we are now more than just a radio we are a community site as well. We have a load of forums covering diffrent topics and members can chat, pm, follow, post, upload imges and lots more.. We have slots available for all genres and are looking for...

    Cheshunt Radio Vacancies : Presenters / Hosts / DJs

    Presenters / Broadcaster / Radio Host / DJ Cheshunt Radio currently has vacancies for Online Radio Presenters with or without experience in Broadcasting to join our presenter team. Cheshunt Radio is committed to providing quality radio shows to our listening audience. So we are looking for...
  8. katie cordall

    None Stop Music Radio Looking For DJ's

    Hey there all We are looking for DJ's who have a couple of hours spare a week to DJ on our site, We are a small but growing community, we accept everyone and every genre of music. Come on people get in touch with me Sign up here At present the site doesnt work on...
  9. Fubar

    CurveRadio is looking for more people to join our team.

    Who? CurveRadio is an international English speaking radio station, which you can listen to at and the browser game Curve Fever. CurveRadio has existed for 3 years already and is still going strong. We would like to meet new people and expand our team. At CurveRadio we want to...
  10. Fubar

    Looking for new DJ's/ Presenters!!!!

    Are you over age 14? Do you have the passion to be part of radio broadcasting? Do you love music? Do you have 2 hours a week to dedicate to streaming music to a vast audience around the globe? Come check out Curve Radio!!! Send your application to and provide us your skype...
  11. R

    Megalypse Radio soon to be online, looking for DJs

    Hello! I'm the admin for a brand-new online radio station called Megalypse Radio. I intend to be all things to all people; meaning of course, the station will hopefully feature a wide variety of genres. If you can think of the genre of music and its relatively accessible to the modern listener...
  12. 9

    Looking for Voice Trackers

    94.1Now is looking for Voice Trackers for a few open slots. We need to fill: M-F midday (10-3 est) M, T, W, T night (8-0100 est) and Friday night (10-0100) Sat & Sun slots available as well. Requirements: Must have quality microphone Must be reliable If interested, please send a link to a...